New year a new you

January 3rd, 2013

Hi I thought I would share this terrific video, i found on you tube where it shows different parts of the world ring in the new year.

History of the liner

December 27th, 2012

History of eyeliner:

Want to know where the Smokey eye look originated from, well from eyeliner but who the first to introduce this make up tequnique are the Egyptians. Judging by the ancient hieroglyphs on the wall Cleopatra and her buddies sure knew how to wear the liner.


The result was the introduction of eyeliners that are still one of the important parts of the cosmetic collections of women. The first eyeliners were introduced in Egypt and Mesopotamia from where they spread to almost all parts of the world. It was more than 12,000 years ago in the earlier parts of 10,000 BC that the product was launched in Egypt and was used by all classes of people as a measure of enhancing the beauty of eyes that would have otherwise been prone to wrinkles because of the dust and other pollutants present in the sandy atmosphere.


The early eyeliners were used by both men and women, more commonly by those who were high in status. Their use continued and remained forever and was later used by lower class people also. It was only when the Egypt Empire went under the hands of Roman Empire that the people started considering eyeliners as a part of their religion and spiritual practice. The birth of first millennia AD marked the ruling of Egypt Empire by the Romans and it was at that time that the eyeliners were used for both cosmetic and religious reasons.


This tradition lasted forever and is a part of the Egyptian culture even today with only difference that it is being used in all other parts of the world also. In the interim period when the Romans were in full control over Egypt and when the Greek had their regime in major parts of Europe, eyeliners lost their popularity and were not used to the fullest. The same situation prevailed in Asian countries as well. Even though the use of eyeliners was common, they were not used by larger mass of public.


The fact that eyeliners provided budget beauty was also a reason for their use. The use of eyeliners started to dominate the cosmetic industry only in the early years of nineteenth century. It was during this time that the era of Victorian fashion came to an end and the younger girls wanted something new to steal the heart of others. The year 1922 will always remain in the history of eyeliners as it marked the beginning of a new era of eyeliners in the world. It was during that year that the archaeological department of United Kingdom discovered the pyramids of Egyptian kings and queens. The tombs reflected the way they had lived their lives along with their rich cosmetic arts and items. The discovery was covered by the entire world, which immediately started using the products without any hesitation. 1920s also marked the beginning of Hollywood cinema, ballet actors, photography etc which kindled the women at those times to explore new methodologies in enhancing their visual appeal. They simply wanted to live the life of Hollywood actresses and hence they started using any new product in the market.


The eyeliners that were introduced in 1920s remained in market for the next 40 to 50 years. It was followed by the design and development of fashionable eyeliners in the 1970s. The liquid eyeliners were introduced in this year and the product supplemented the fashion of punk and Goth. The eyeliners were also used to provide distinct and dramatic eye effect. Other products similar to eyeliners that supplement the eyes such as eye shadow, mascara etc were introduced. The female population was crazy towards such products but the introduction of fashion accessories has made men turn their attention towards cosmetic products. The other varieties of eye liners are those made from powder, wax, and gel etc. Each one of them produces different yet interesting effect to the eyes. The use of eyeliners in this period is more common and is a part of the cosmetic collection of any women in the world. It is also expected that they can never be replaced by any other product and they will remain forever.

How to make chocolate facial

December 21st, 2012

If you read the article below and are interested in doing chocolate facial before the holidaze then check out this video on how to make one at home.

This video will show you how to make chocolate facial with everyday item from your pantry, it is 100% natural ingredients  for the face.

The power of the Cocoa bean (aka chocolate)

December 17th, 2012

Who says you can’t have five star spa facial at home and all the beneficial properties assiocate with it.

Research has shown that dark chocolates are beneficial to skin in many ways and hence the number of people using them has increased substantially. There are claims that using chocolate is high potent anti-oxidants and also contains anti-aging properties thereby reducing wrinkles and other marks in the skin. The main reason for the above is the presence of antioxidants and other healthy ingredients required for a better skin. More importantly, the chocolate should be a darker one with loads of cocoa and absence of milk. They should also be sweetened with sugars and such dark chocolates are the latest trend of beauticians. The valuable chemicals present in the chocolates make the skin healthier and highly resistive against sun rays and other external dust. They help in getting back the glow of the skin in a natural way without any side effects. One more exciting benefit of using chocolate for facial is that, the aroma of the chocolate is ecstatic making the brains release a set of endorphins that help in enriching the skin. The chocolates also contain moisturizing properties including magnesium that rejuvenates skin and protects it from pollutants. They play a part in cell renewal where old cells are replaced by the newer ones. They are also said to be a boost to the circulation system which is the main reason for getting a firmer skin.

Chocolate’s effectiveness in skin is because of the presence. Since there are no other artificial ingredients in the chocolate facial, the effect on skin is natural without any side effects. But extra attention is needed in selecting the type of chocolate, because milk chocolate and white chocolate does not have the same beneficial effects of dark chocolate. Dark chocolates when eaten lower blood pressure in spite of its higher calorie values. As an alternative, other food items with higher calories should be avoided or restricted. The antioxidant properties of the dark chocolate are the main reason for the various benefits it gives to the skin. The fibrous coating of the cocoa is the main ingredients in bringing out the free radicals of the chocolate that brings in anti aging and anti oxidant properties to the skin. Chocolate is also rich in Magnesium and are capable of stimulating certain hormones such as progesterone. This hormone is responsible for releasing the stress caused to the skin and helps in getting rid of skin breakouts. The chocolate facial is suitable for all ages as they don’t have any negative effects over the skin.


The moisturizing effects of chocolate leave the skin smoother. It also rehydrates the skin for longer time when compared to other facial make up products. The collagen present in the skin is maintained and enhanced with the presence of flavanoids in the chocolate mask. This collagen is the main reason for protection of skin from the sun rays. The skin cells dead and remains intact for longer time resulting in wrinkles and black spots. Such dead cells are easily removed when chocolate mask is applied over the skin. Hence, the wrinkles and black spots are avoided.


Chocolate was once considered as an addictive flavor and was forced not to be eaten by young kids and older people. But the latest research has made people to search and find chocolates to be used externally. What are you still waiting for? The method of preparing dark chocolate facial is so simple and can be done easily in homes. So get some chocolate and honey and follow the steps given in the internet to get your skin fairer in an effective manner. With so many skin rejuvenating properties, chocolate facial will definitely be one of the best methods to get back the skin complexion and natural glow, by making the skin resistive to dust, sunrays and other external pollutants. It is assured that chocolate mask will not cause any side effects including acnes, skin allergy etc.


Dress Like Jennifer Lopez for less

December 14th, 2012

In honor of the Grammy’s coming in Feb 2013, I decided to do dress for less on Jlo dress. Lets face it what-ever Jlo she does it with style.

Remember when jlo wear that fantastic Emilio Pucci dress it looked like pieces of stain glass window was on her dress and everyone loved it and everyone was raving about the dress next day.  How  would you like replica for hundreds of dollars less, let’s face it we are not all celebs that can get stuff for free.

The dress below is jlo dress (which can be from 2,000 to 3,500 easily)



Check out the replica I found on it short as the original, it shiny and reflective mirror quality  as the original, it just not full sleeved as jlo. It is off the shoulder but for $59.90 it is  kind of hard to argue with that logic. I think even jenny from the block would approve don’t you think?


Dress like Blake Livley for less

December 8th, 2012

In honor of gossip girl last season, I have decided to do a gossip girl for less fashion. After 5 years of taking down powerhouses and staying chic, stylish while do so, we say xoxo to our favorite characters.  Maybe we found who gossip girl really is?

In season 6 episode 7 titled “Save the last chance” we found the Constance kids in more drama then high school. But they looked fabulous while all the twist and turns unfolded take for instance Serena (Blake Lively) Dress. It perfect for Manhattan take down but unfortunately not all of us have black amex card to run around fifth ave  with.  And Serena dress is divine (holler ).



What a fashionsita to do? Give up hmm no way, the dress shown above can be found at your local H&M retailer. It is only 49.95 plus taxes so for less than 100.00 you have fun party dress  and be a part of the moving and shaking of your inner circle.  This is suitable alternative even gossip girl would approve until next time xoxo (budget chic girl)




Holy Grail of Chap Stick

November 28th, 2012

Are you tired of dry cracked lips? Well the solution to your problem is closer to your local drugstore than you think.

I found the holy grail of chap stick for under $5.00, it is  drum roll please  Lypsl lypmositurizer.

Some chap sticks have vitamin A or vitamin E or they have shea butter in one and beeswax in another. Well this has Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Swedish bee wax, coconut oil, organic shea butter and a minty flavor. This is perfect for keeping your pout hydrate through the winter.

Where can you find this product? It is available at this local retail store:





Kerr Drug

Bed Bath & Beyond



Winn Dixie


Harmon Face Values

Also if you exfoliate your lips before you apply the product it works better!!


How to exfoliate your lips the natural way, go into your kitchen and get one table spoon of honey and one table spoon of sugar. Mix both ingredients until it becomes a grainy substance and apply to your lips and keep moving the substance in a circular motion for about 2 minutes. Then rinse of with water.

Get chic bags for under 40.00

November 17th, 2012

With the hoildaze just around the corner and the biggest shopping day of the year coming soon (black friday). Why not treat yourself to a new handbag under 40.00 and skip the crowds to.

Want more on the BB Cream Craze

November 12th, 2012

Want to know who else is using BB cream as an alternative to foundation? Still need more 411 on the BB cream fan parade? Then check out this informative article on Squidoo about the BB cream craze.

BB Cream craze

November 12th, 2012

BB Cream craze

BB cream originated in Asia, women started using it after discovering the beneficial properties of the cream. Why is it dubbed a miracle cream for skin, it has layers of functionality when it is applied properly.

  1. It hydrates your skin giving you dewy finish.
  2. BB cream has sunscreen which will block out the uv rays and cause less sun damage to the face
  3.  It can be used as foundation (it is sheer coverage, like tinted moistures.)
  4. After multiple applications it can even out skin tone, and depending on the brand you use it can regenerate skin cells to give you a refine youthful look.

After doing some research on the web about BB Cream I decide to give it a try. I went to the local drug store and bought Maybelline BB Cream.  To my surprise some of what they initial claim is true, it did give my skin a supple, dewy finish however, it did not cover dark circles under my eyes instead it just lighten it. For that I still had to use regular concealer on top of the bb cream.

Overall my opinion about BB cream is over hyped tinted moisturizer.  BB cream is okay to use for once in a while but I wouldn’t ditch my regular foundation for this product or any other BB cream product.

What are your thoughts on BB Cream?

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